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Brand: Zilcatin


Works well, one of the best treatments available, fast acting, accelerates healing process, cheap


Can sting a little when applied, difficult to find in stores but easily available online

Zilcatin is one of the highest rated cold sore treatments on Amazon .It has become difficult to find in drug stores but is available online.

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Zilactin Cold Sore Gel

Zilcatin is a cold sore and fever blister treatment. It also provides pain relief and works by numbing and drying out cold sores. Beside cold sores and fever blisters, it can also be used to treat canker sores, mouth sores and gum irritations. A protective film in the cream reduces the irritation and pain caused by normal eating and drinking.

There is also a version specially designed for treating sores and blister inside the mouth – Zilcatin B is a long lasting gel which provides a protective bandage for sores inside the mouth.

Zilcatin is one of the highest rated cold sore treatments on Amazon, and there are over a hundred very positive reviews about this great product. For some reason it has become difficult to find in drug stores and pharmacies, but luckily it is available online.


How does Zilcatin Work?

ZilactinZilcatin is a topical cream that you apply to a cold sore. It dries the sores out, speeding up the healing process, while also numbing the pain. It greatly reduces the severity of cold sore outbreaks.

Of course you should always take care not to spread the herpes simplex virus when applying the cream. Don’t apply Zilcatin with your finger – use a Q-Tip to rub the cream onto your affected area of skin – this way you will minimize the risk of spreading the cold sore virus to other parts of your face.

Once you feel the first signs of a fever blister, start applying Zilactin to the area. For many users, if you act quick enough the cold sore will never materialize, and if it does it will only be a minor problem and most times the blister never materializes and, if it does it is only a very minor problem.

Zilatin can burn a little when it is applied, but the results speak fr themselves. The burning sensation will only last for a minute or so, and will bring several hours of pain relief.


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Is Zilcatin better than Abreva?

Although Abreva is recognised as one of the best cold sore treatments, many users enthusiastically report than Zilacatin delivers better results. Some die hard Zilcatin fans even claim that it is 10 times more effective than Abreva!

Many of the users report that Abreva didn’t seem to be effective or do anything, while Zilcatin stopped the spread and growth of cold sores. Even for those who report good results with Abreva, Zilcatin seems to work faster – sores and blisters dry up more quickly.

It shortens the length of time the sore takes to heal, while also reducing pain. It is also slightly cheaper than Abreva, and a tube of Zilcatin lasts for many outbreaks. Die hard Zilcatin fans.

Different treatments work better for different people. So while it’s important to take all of the testimonials and reviews on board, it’s a good idea to try Zilcatin for yourself.

Who knows, it might just be the magic cure your your cold sore outbreaks!


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What is Zilcatin B?

Zilactin BZilcatin B gel is specifically designed to treat sores inside your mouth. Just like normal Zilcatin, it helps speed up the healing process, reduces pain and it also provides a protective barrier over the sore.

It is meant to be used in “wet” areas inside the mouth, and is a much thicker gel than standard Zilcatin. It also burns slightly when it is first applied.

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