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4/ 5


Brand: Viroxyn


Highly effective and works well. Lots of positive feedback from users


Expensive and some users claim there are cheaper alternatives

Viroxyn Professional works well – it is quick and highly effective in treating cold sores. The only complaint about it is the price.

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Viroxyn Professional Cold Sore Treatment

Viroxyn Professional works on two levels – it provides quick relief from the burning, itching and pain symptoms, and also speeds up the healing process.

Some people claim that it’s effect is almost immediate – it relieves pain within minutes of being applied and if you act quickly enough it can stop an outbreak of cold sores in hours.

Viroxyn receives a lot of positive and almost glowing feedback – it does its job well in fighting cold sores.

But the one major complaint from customers is that it is too expensive, and that there is a cheaper alternative in the form of Bactine.

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The active ingredient in Viroxyn is Benzalkonium Chloride. Interestingly, this is also the active ingredient in Bactine. We’ll compare these two products below.


How Viroxyn Professional Works

Viroxyn 1Like with all cold sore treatments, acting quickly is the vitally important. Once the blisters start growing, the healing time increases dramatically, and Viroxyn works best if you catch the cold sore early.

Viroxyn Professional consistently receives great feedback from customers – it helps to stop cold sore outbreaks and heal them fast. Many users have reported that an overnight application on a serious outbreak of fever blisters kills them quick, and relieves pain almost immediately.

There are two active ingredients in Viroxyn –  Benzalkonium Chloride fights the cold sore virus and Benzocaine acts as a numbing agent to reduce the pain and burning sensations.

Apply Viroxyn as soon as you feel a cold sore starting to tingle – it should quickly stops the itchy sensation, and within 3-12 hours it will dry your skin out. You might experience some redness and dryness but after a couple more applications you should move past the outbreak stage and into a healing phase.


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Viroxyn Professional vs Bactine

Viroxyn 2Viroxyn Professional is specially formulated for the treatment of cold sores. Bactine is an antiseptic liquid with a broad range of uses on minor cuts, stings and burns. But many users of Viroxyn have correctly pointed out that the active ingredient is the same in both products – Benzalkonium Chloride.

Viroxyn usually retails for around $50 for three small vials, while Bactine is much much cheaper, at around $6 for a 120ml (4 oz) bottle.

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So then, how do these two products compare?

It is true that Benzalkonium Chloride is the active ingredient in both Viroxyn and Bactine, and that it is found in the exact same percentage 0.13%. In fact, Benzalkonium Chloride is found in many generic antiseptic wipes and liquids. So it’s natural for customers to be skeptical about the high price of Viroxyn.

There are a couple of important differences though. Viroxyn also contains Benzocaine, which helps to reduce the pain of cold sore outbreaks. Also, it contains isopropyl alcohol, which helps the liquid penetrate the skin more effectively.

Many loyal Viroxyn users will still use Bactine in an emergency and will apply it using a Q-tip. But many other users feel “ripped off” by the much higher price of Viroxyn and swear by Bactine as an equally effective treatment.


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Our Verdict

Over the years we have found that there is no one magic solution for treating cold sores. Everybody is different, and everyone will react differently to over the counter remedies.

Viroxyn does work well – it is quick and highly effective. The only complaint about it is the price.

Our advice? Try both Viroxyn Professional and Bactine. Only you will be able to know what works best for your skin.


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