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Brand: Johnson


They work! Almost invisible, very hygienic. Highly effective and well priced (under $15), quality product.


Not many, these patches are great

One of the highest rated cold sore treatments – we’ve found the Compeed Patches to be incredibly effective in healing cold sores, and they also have the added benefit of making the healing process much less painful.

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Johnson’s Compeed Cold Sore Patches

Johnson’s Compeed Cold Sore Patches are an invisible patch that you apply to a cold sore or fever blister.

They are super thin (to the point where they are almost invisible), and you place them on your skin using a “no-touch” butterfly applicator. The advantage of this of course, if that you don’t touch your cold sore and therefore reduce the risk of contaminating other areas of your skin.

We’ve found the Compeed Patches to be incredibly effective in healing cold sores, and they also have the added benefit of making the healing process much less painful


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How do they work?

Johnson Compeed 2As soon as you feel the tingle of a cold sore starting, apply a Compeed patch to the affected area on your face or lip. As with all cold sore and fever blister treatments, the quicker you act the better.

Using the included “no-touch” applicator, carefully place the Compeed patch on your skin. And that’s it!

The patches drastically slow the development of cold sores. Many users report that by applying them early, they stop cold sores from fully forming – that means no fluid and no breakouts!

You put one on when you feel the tingle, and forget about it for six hours or so — and no cold sore. It’s not exactly invisible, but close, and no more intrusive than slathering cream on your lip with your fingers – and you don’t have to keep putting more on. Once it’s on it delivers the antiviral ingredient constantly. You can eat with one on, even wear lipstick if you’ve stuck it on carefully without bunching.

The patches are great at reducing pain, redness and swelling that we normally get with cold sores. They also reduce the tingling, itching and burning feeling. We love the way the patch is applied – because you don’t actually have to touch your skin, they are very hygienic and there is very little risk of spreading cold sores to other areas of your face.

The important thing is to leave the patch on for several days – don’t play with it, pull it off or try to replace it. This will stop it working effectively and the stress on your skin from removing the patch early might make your cold sore worse. Once it’s applied, leave it on until the sore is completely healed or for around 5 days.

Overall we’ve found the Compeed patches to be incredibly effective, and one of the best treatments out there. As they heal your skin, they also reduce any crusting or scabbing.

Some customers report that it can be slightly painful removing the patch (something similar to peeling off a band-aid), but we think this is a fairly minor concern.


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How do they compare to Abreva?

Johnson Compeed 3For many years Abreva has been one of the leaders in cold sore treatments, so it is interesting to hear that many people who suffer from cold sores are raving about Johnson’s Compeed patches.

Enthusiastic reviewers have claimed that they are an “amazing replacement for Abreva” and “so much better than Abreva Cream and Abreva Patches”.

Being a patch, they are more effective and far less messy than Abreva creams. You put the patch on when you feel the early tingle, and they effectively stop cold sores from forming.

We also really like that they are almost invisible – there’s nothing worse than feeling like everyone is staring at an unsightly sore on your lip.


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Just how “invisible” are they?

Johnson Compeed 2Whenever a manufacturer makes a claim, it’s natural to be a little bit skeptical about it. And if you’re already conscious about having an unsightly cold sore on your lip, then no doubt you don’t want an ugly patch drawing attention to your face!

We’re pleased to report that these patches are really smooth, and users report that “you can’t really see it unless looking up close”.

The patches are sticky and will stay stuck on properly. So feel free to eat and drink as you normally would with confidence.

It completely hides the blister, and it’s almost invisible if you apply it correctly. It might take you one or two patches to apply them to your lip without folding the patch on itself. Even if people can notice it (from close only) at least all they can see is a transparent patch, not a disgusting blister.


Our verdict

One of the best cold sore treatments available. Consistently excellent customer feedback, and also one of the cheapest cold sore remedies available.


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